mornings at No.98

Our favourite meal of the day has to be breakfast. So many great options from simple sourdough toast (baked by Wild Hearth artisan bakery in Comrie) with salty butter and homemade jam to a huge full breakfast packed with quality ingredients. If you're in a hurry, how about a filled morning roll and fresh coffee to keep you going? All our breakfasts are available from opening until noon, and the delicious topped toasts are available all day. 

You can swap in gluten free bread to any of our breakfasts if you prefer, and we also have vegan spread if butter's not your thing. Meaty, veggie or gluten free - all our breakfasts are perfectly complemented by fresh ground coffee.

And don't forget to check in with us on instagram for our daily specials, available while they last.



scottish breakfast    10.00

our epic breakfast has free range egg, bacon, sausage, black pudding, haggis, potato scone, fruit pudding, tomato, mushrooms and beans, served with a slice of toast + butter

small breakfast     6.00

a slice of toast served with any four items from the full breakfast

toast     3.90

2 slices of toast (white, wholemeal, sourdough or gluten free) served with butter and house made jam or marmalade

morning roll   (available all day)

buttered morning roll with 1 filling       2.50

                                with 2 fillings       3.50

                                with 3 fillings      4.50

eggs benedict   

toasted muffin topped with 2 poached eggs and creamy hollandaise sauce

w/ smoked bacon         6.10                    w/ fried mushrooms      6.10

coffee + cake

Amazing coffee and home baked cakes hit the spot at any time of day, and they're always available.

We also have a selection of amazing sourdough pastries from Wild Hearth.




available all day


smashed avo      5.20

toasted sourdough topped with smashed avocado

w/ smoked bacon     6.30                          w/ black pudding      6.30

w/ poached eggs     6.30                           w/ braised mushrooms   6.30

pb banana     5.60

toasted sourdough slathered with peanut butter topped with fresh banana, cinnamon spiked agave nectar and toasted seeds

chorizo + feta avo     7.00

toasted sourdough topped with smashed avocado, smoky chorizo and crumbled feta cheese

black pudding and apple toast     7.00

toasted sourdough topped with stewed apples, black pudding, fried onions and a poached egg

afternoons at No.98

After noon, breakfasts give way to meaty burgers and oozy grilled cheese. Our beef burgers are made in house and they're served on toasted brioche buns. Our veggie burgers are almost as meaty and are awesome enough to tempt anyone into a change. And what goes better with a burger than a thick  and malty ice cream shake?

We always have gluten free burger buns and bread available - just let us know if you want to swap - and our vegan cheeses put grilled cheese back on the menu for everyone. Whatever your dietary preferences or restrictions, let us know and we'll find something we hope you'll love. There's also daily specials - check instagram  to find out what we've got today.

Our afternoon menu is available until a half hour before closing time every day. Eat in or take it away.


the classic 98 burger             6.00

house made beef patty topped with cheddar, tomato, lettuce and a slice of pickle, served on a toasted brioche bun with a smear of our burger sauce

the bacon cheeseburger             6.60

our classic burger with smoked bacon

the carnival burger       6.50

house made beef patty topped with fried onions, double cheddar, ketchup and burger sauce, served on a toasted brioche bun

the pulled pig swiss                7.20

house made beef patty topped with pulled pork, swiss cheese and bbq sauce, served on a toasted brioche bun with a smear of our burger sauce

the original chicken                7.20

lightly pickled boneless chicken thigh, soaked in buttermilk, fried and topped with spicy sauerkraut, swiss cheese and a smear of our burger sauce, served in a toasted brioche bun

the sweet chilli chicken                6.50

lightly pickled boneless chicken thigh, soaked in buttermilk, fried and topped with  lettuce, tomato and sweet chilli sauce, served in a toasted brioche bun

the veggie             6.50

sweet potato and sweetcorn burger topped with swiss cheese, sweet chilli sauce, lettuce and tomato, on a toasted brioche bun

             make it vegan with a vegan bun and cheese     

grilled cheese


no.98 triple grilled cheese           5.70

swiss, cheddar and mozzarella with dijon mustard

black pudding + apple          6.00

black pudding, stewed apples and cheddar

thyme + honey            6.00

cheddar - swiss - red pepper pesto - honey - thyme

ham + cheese           6.00

smoked ham and cheddar with caramelised onions

haggis grilled cheese           6.00

haggis - cheddar - chipotle sauce

grilled cheese club          6.70

smoked bacon, pulled chicken, sun blush tomatoes and swiss with mayo

add a mug of soup for 2.00


skin on fries      2.60


sweet potato fries      2.90


triple cheese fries    5.20

skin on fries with swiss, cheddar and mozzarella, and jalapenos

w/ sweet potato fries    5.50

loaded bbq cheese fries   5.70

skin on fries with pulled pork, bbq sauce and cheddar cheese 

w/ sweet potato fries     6.00 

bacon cheese fries   5.70

skin on fries topped with crispy bacon pieces, cheddar, garlic mayo and crispy onions

w/ sweet potato fries     6.00 


bowl of soup served with thick cut bread and butter     3.90

for kids

sandwich      2.50

on one slice of bread - choose from ham, cheese, or ham + cheese - toasted or untoasted - with a small orange juice, apple juice or milk

beans served with one slice of toast - with a small orange juice, apple juice or milk